Emunah’s Traveling Camp Offers Unique Opportunities

Camp Emunah’s traveling shluchos program, Brings Heaven Down to Earth! An incredible opportunity for tenth graders to experience the rich taste and relevance of shlichus, enjoy fantastic trips, and live the summer of their dreams! 

Camp Emunah’s Traveling Shluchos Program is an eye opening experience for tenth grade girls! For a month the girls have the opportunity to join the Rebbe’s army of soldiers on the West Coast, while simultaneously enjoying incredible trips and views, delicious meals, and devoted staff. 

Space Limited to One Bus! 

The trip, which offers a unique blend of both creative educational programming and exhilarating recreational experiences, was the brainchild of Rebbitzen Chava Hecht a”h and Rabbi Shaya Gansbourg, a”h, after Gimmel Tammuz. It was created to give tenth graders the opportunity to experience the Rebbe’s Shlichus, hands on and in real time. 

Through touring Chabad Centers across the West Coast, participants have the chance to meet and interact with around 30 Shluchim and Shluchos, and their respective communities. There is no greater way of imparting a taste of Shlichus than actually trying it on for size. 

Spending each Shabbos in another Chabad House opens up new worlds and windows to the inspiring Shlichus-way-of-life, while imbuing each tenth-grader with a deeper understanding of what it means to be the Rebbe’s shliach, instilling increasing pride in being a Bas Chabad. 

This West Coast circuit includes visiting California, Oregon, and Washington states, and is built upon the foundation of bringing heaven down to earth. It includes activities like whitewater rafting, sand duning, alpine sliding, rock climbing, numerous attractions, theme parks, and unique surprise events that never fail to excite and delight. The Traveling Shluchos are gifted with experiencing a happy, healthy balance of the material and spiritual.

The Tenth Grade Traveling Shluchos Program was directed all these years by Rebbetzin Chava Hecht, a”h. It is coordinated and supervised by Mrs. Goldie Gansbourg and Mrs. Rychel Margolin, and a superb staff of experienced, dedicated counselors. This special program is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Gansbourg a”h, founder of Chabad of Harlem. 

Registration opens on 11 Shvat, January 21.
Tentative dates July 2- July 25 

Register quickly because once the program fills, there just IS no more space for this unique opportunity! 

Have any questions about the program? Reach out to: 

Esther Schaffran (Coordinator): 929-345-0994 [email protected] Mrs Goldie Gansbourg (Director): 718-610-9233 [email protected] For registration and financial questions: 718-735-0225 [email protected]

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