Levaya for Rabbi Benjamin Held at Oholei Torah and 770

The levaya for Rabbi Shmuel Benjamin, a beloved mechanech in Oholei Torah, passed by 770 and Oholei Torah, where hundreds of former students came out to pay their final respects.

Hundreds of Crown Heights residents and former students gathered for the Levaya for Rabbi Shmuel Benjamin as it passed Oholei Torah and 770 Eastern Parkway.

Rabbi Benjamin was a most devoted mechanech of Oholei Torah Pre1A for twenty-five years, educating hundreds of talmidim, imbuing a love of Yiddishkeit and laying strong foundations for them during those formative years.

Rabbi Benjamin staunchly stood by his wife Devorah‘s side as she ran Keren Simchas Chosson V’Kalla, an organization that provides necessary funds and support for chassanim and kallahs, giving her his encouragement and full support.

He is survived by his wife Devorah and their children, Chaya and Yosef.

He is also survived by his parents, Avigdor Chaim and Freida Rachel, and his two brothers, Jonathan and Adam, as well as his in-laws, Pinchas and Mina Gold.

Shiva will be held at 712 Montgomery St.
Shiva Begins 9:30 AM
Personal Break between 12:00-2:00 PM
Shiva house closes at 9:00 PM

Shachris 10:00
Mincha and maariv bizmano


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