Levaya for R’ Hershel Basher Held in Florida

The Levaya for R’ Hershel Basher, a beloved member of the Chabad community in North Miami Beach who passed away suddenly, was held on Sunday.

The Levaya for R’ Hershel Basher, a beloved member of the Chabad community in North Miami Beach who passed away suddenly, leaving behind 7 young orphans, was held Sunday afternoon in North Miami Beach.

Fellow North Miami Beach community member Elchonon Hellinger wrote a touching tribute to Herschel:

Few events shock us deeply as the passing of true pillar of the community. I saw Herschel at a bat mitzvah on Monday night less than a week ago, and cannot come to terms with the terrible news of his passing.

I have known Hershel almost my entire life. I knew him as a man who always had a smile on his face, and in 28 years, I never once saw him get angry.

Herschel Basher was a sweet, quiet guy who involved himself in endless chesed for the community. Together with his wife, they provided perhaps thousands of meals for families with newborns, for homes with a sick family member, for homes otherwise in need of assistance.

On a personal note, Hershel worked as a rabbinic coordinator for KM—Kosher Miami. While the policy was that events under their supervision must serve mevushal wines, Hershel let it slide when he saw me, trusting that I’d be on top of the bottle, so to speak.

That meant a lot to me, an expression of his amazing mentchlichkeit, doing his job fastidiously, but with a personal connection and with a smile.

For many years Herschel and his wife tried desperately to bring children into this world. Baruch Hashem, after many years, they were blessed with a lively bunch of seven…children he looked forward to taking to the chuppah, and who would bring him grandchildren to bounce on his lap.

But G-d had other plans, and to our immense pain and shock, Herschel z”l passed away from a sudden heart attack on Shabbos, leaving his beloved wife and family grieving.

It is with a broken heart that I reach out far and near to everyone I know, and ask you to kindly contribute generously to help his family get through these painful times

Please donate generously: https://charidy.com/basher/Elchonon

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