Let’s Talk Tanya Leaps into the Leap Year

‘Let’s Talk Tanya’ podcast by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg has begun producing new segments to align with the Chitas study for a leap year.

“Let’s Talk Tanya started as a ‘small’ idea, and it mushroomed into something beyond what I could have imagined,” Rabbi Naftali Silberberg explains.

Having taught Tanya classes for many years in a variety of venues, Rabbi Silberberg developed a considerable student base. It occurred to him that it would be a nice idea to record a daily voicenote with a thought on the day’s Tanya and share it on his class WhatsApp groups. He mentioned the idea to some friends, who asked, “Why not make it available to a wider audience?” “Why not make a podcast?” “How about a video option?” 

19 Kislev, 5783, arrived and Let’s Talk Tanya was launched. Every day this past year featured a 3–5 minute segment, available in both audio and video, delivering the big idea of the day’s Tanya in relevant and relatable language. Thousands tuned in and listened every day. Over the past year, the feedback has been tremendous, with many proudly saying that this is the first time they are actually learning and personally relating to the daily Tanya.

This year, a new cycle of Let’s Talk Tanya has begun. Because it is a shanah meuberes, the Tanya division is different, leading to the production of new segments.

Let’s Talk Tanya is available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, all podcast platforms, and letstalktanya.com.

You can also receive the daily clip on WhatsApp by joining the Let’s Talk Tanya Community Broadcast (an anonymous community, where no one else will see your name or number). 

19 Kislev: https://youtu.be/s_akuLAv9nc

20 Kislev: https://youtu.be/UnQH_Xt8vC4  

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