Let’s Talk About Today’s Bochur

The Bochur of today has vastly different struggles than the Bochur of yesterday, and can face incredible challenges in his quest to strengthen his hiskashrus to the Rebbe. Vaad Hatmimim uses a variety of mediums to help Bochurim.

Let’s talk about today’s Bochur.

A strong, level headed Yeshiva student, doing his best to make his mark, and living a life infused with Chassidus, and a connection to the Rebbe.

The Bochur of today has vastly different struggles than the Bochur of yesterday, can face incredible challenges in his quest to strengthen his hiskashrus to the Rebbe. To that end, and with the guidance of Hanhalas around the world, led by Reb Yoel Kahn A”H, Vaad Hatmimim was founded 20 years ago.

Over the last 20 years the Vaad Hatmimim has, through a wide variety of mediums, been there to help Bochurim.

In celebration of 20 years, we will highlight some of the most impactful and revolutionary endeavors of “the Vaad”, starting with “Halikut”.

Today’s Bochur is innovative.
Today’s Bochur is passionate.
Today’s Bochur wants more.
Through the Halikut program, one of many programs established by Vaad Hatmimim, Bochurim are given resources and taught skills to strengthen their connection to the Rebbe.

It starts with simply learning a Sicha, but it does not end there.
Imagine being able to truly understand, grasp and thoroughly know a full volume of Likutei Sichos – in a way you have never before.

Through interactive and engaging material, as well as cutting edge training tools and regularly scheduled quizzes and tests, Halikut brings the Sichos of the Rebbe to life, in a way that today’s Bochur can truly grasp, understand, internalize and memorize.

There are several levels, and Bochurim can register at the entry point they feel most comfortable with, and proceed at their own pace.

Halikut is known in the Yeshivah world as the “gold standard” of learning the Rebbes Torah and has uplifted thousands of Bochurim over the last few years.

Many respected Rabbonim and Mashpiyim have personally endorsed the Halikut program, including the late great R’ Yoel Kahn A”h, and so many others, who encouraged their respected Bochurim and Yeshivos to participate.

Throughout the process, Bochurim are guided and trained through various tiers of testing and incentives, ultimately culminating in well-publicized finals, where the Bochurim who obtained the highest marks compete for the coveted first prize.

Today’s Bochur faces unprecedented challenges, and it’s incumbent on all of us to instill the love, chayus and passion for the Rebbe’s Torah which we were so fortunate to see and hear for ourselves, in their lives. The Rebbe’s Torah gives a Bochur the passion and tools to survive in today’s tumultuous world- and Bochurim experience that in an unparalleled way while taking part of Halikut.

Vaad Hatmimim is putting the needs of TODAY’S BOCHURIM FIRST,
And Halikut is just one example.

Learn more about Vaad Hatmimim at https://www.vaadhatmimim.org/
Learn more about Halikut at https://www.vaadhatmimim.org/templates/section_cdo/aid/4552063/jewish/Halikutcom.htm

Watch Bochurim describe the impact Halikut has had on their lives.

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