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From the Anash.org Inbox: “Adar is here, let’s increase the Simcha. How? Let’s make a difference and make shidduchim happen. No this is not another shidduch open Ed. This is a call to action.”

By Rivky S.

Adar is here, let’s increase the Simcha. How? Let’s make a difference and make shidduchim happen. No this is not another shidduch open Ed. This is a call to action.

What do you need to do? Do your part to ensure that every single BOY of marriageable age has a resume on chabadmatch.com

Meet Chana, she wants to get married. In 2022 you would think it’s simple. Her parents log in to chabadmatch.com. They upload her profile and do a simple search for what she is looking for.

With hundreds of boys in her age group, there should be at least 10 relevant names, with the same hashkofa that come up.

Oooops. Error. System broken. Hardly any boys under 25 exist!

Instead of the process being streamlined, using technology to our advantage, the system doesn’t fully work.


Because most of the eligible boys have no resumes on the site.


Everyone has their own personal reason. ‘It’s not necessary’ or ‘It’s not my style.’ The reasons may range from ego to shame. I honestly don’t know.

I hear that boys don’t need resumes, only girls do. Boys don’t need to be on websites or WhatsApp groups because they have so many suggestions anyway.

Seriously, who needs suggestions?

Do mothers of boys really want to have to research one suggestion after another, because everyone is running after their son? Do the boys really want to date one girl after another till they find the right one?
Mothers of boys, it is not a compliment to get overwhelmed with girls names, it’s a symptom of the problem!

We have a system in place, we have the boys and the girls. We have an Aibishter.

I don’t buy into the fact that all girls have to live with fear that they may not find their bashert.

Girls trust in Hashem, He is the only real power in the world.

I don’t buy into the fact that they system is broken and there is nothing we can do.

Each of us have our role to play. Each day when we say Modeh Ani, we are partnering with Hashem to make this world His garden.

If every single boy, is entered in the system, YOU are partnering with Hashem to make shidduchim happen.

Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Aunts, Teachers, Mashpim, and anyone speaking to single guys about shidduchim. Take action. Get the boys profiles on line and if you know a girl whose resume is not there, encourage them to add it too.

It’s time to stop the madness, the fear, the feeling of helplessness. No one should need to know ‘someone’ in order to make a shidduch.

We have come so far with technology. Every gadget out there to make keeping Shabbos easier. It’s time to use it bring true Simcha across the world.

Let’s see if in the next 60 days we can change the destiny of so many lives, by adding each and every single boy’s resume to the website.

How about making Adar 15th International Shidduch day – when every single relevant boys profile is updated

Disclaimer. I have no connection to the website. I am a shlucha with 1 daughter who has just started shidduchim. I joined all the whatsapp groups and I am seeing all the girls being posted from big names and big families and am in shock that Chabad can’t get it together. We pioneer in every other field. Why can’t we do this too?

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