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All the way back in 1956, the Rebbe foresaw the youth of today and declared the proper path for their education. Watch an Oholei Torah production… featuring #PureChinuch!

In 5716, a novelty was born. The values of chinuch al taharas hakodesh, in a community that was no longer just a shtetl. A school established in a modern world, with an uncompromised focus on the ideals of Torah and Chassidus. The revolutionary idea was named Oholei Torah.

Under which basis?

The Rebbe was exceptionally clear about the goal of the moised. All the way back in 1956, the Rebbe foresaw the youth of today and declared the proper path for their chinuch. Do you know what the objective of this novelty was?

The Rebbe began the dor hashvi’i with a provocative statement: only with the collective value of all three ahavas, Ahavas Hashem, Ahavas HaTorah, and Ahavas Yisroel, can a #PureChinuch be properly conveyed and sustained. Every detail in a young chossid’s education must be “druchgedrungen” with the designated three pillars; they must permeate the child’s entire essence!

This year’s Oholei Torah Power Auction stresses the significance of a durchgedrungene chinuch – an education saturated with a deep love for the Torah, a relationship with the Aibeshter, and a genuine devotion to all Yidden.

Why Now?

As we transition from the month of Shvat to the double Adar, our reflections on Yud Shvat serve as a poignant reminder of our role as chassidim of dor hashvi’i. We understand the profound impact of education in shaping the next generation. The Rebbe’s vision for Lubavitch was intricately linked to the establishment of Oholei Torah, envisioned as a nurturing environment to imbue children with uncompromised authentic chassidishe values. As we approach the upcoming month of Adar, we embrace the inherent joy in fulfilling this mission מיט א חיות און א ברען – with fervor and passion, igniting a sense of excitement and dedication.

How can you be part of it?

Help us recharge our batteries! Listen to a heartwarming song produced by the talmidim of Oholei Torah and to understand the Rebbe’s instruction for a successful and lifelong #PureChinuch.

Join the Oholei Torah Power Auction TODAY to invest in a continued uncompromised chinuch for generations to come!

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