Starting Tomorrow: Lemaan Yilmedu’s Bochurim Semicha Track

Lemaan Yilmedu has created a new Smicha course specifically targeted for bochurim, taking their well-established curriculum and reconfiguring it to better fit into the structure of a bochur who would like to learn Smicha while on Shlichus or in Yeshiva.

Every bochur knows that the Rebbe mentioned time and again that it is important for bochurim to learn and receive Smicha before they get married.

The knowledge they acquire will serve as the basis of the home that they will establish upon the foundation of Torah and Yiras Shamayim and will enable them to feel empowered to serve as the ‘Rav’ of their home.

Lemaan Yilmedu’s Smicha course was created specifically with bochurim in mind, taking the well-established classic Lemaam Yilmedu Smicha curriculum and reconfiguring it to better fit into the structure of a bochur who would like to learn Smicha while on Shlichus or in Yeshiva. The program begins right after Tishrei and concludes on Gimmel Tammuz, just before all summer plans begin!

The year-long program will cover all of the topics that are generally covered in any Smicha: basar b’chalav, taaruvos and melicha.

At the beginning of the program, every participant will receive all the learning materials of LemaanYilmedu which includes a Shulchan Aruch with summaries and an English Translation, summary booklets and booklets with diagrams as learning aids.

The program will have a daily shiur at 1:15 p.m., for an hour. The shiurim will be given by Rabbi Yossi Barber who has over ten years of experience in giving shiurim in semicha, particularly to bachurim, both at the Machon Lemaan Yilmedu and in kollelim and yeshivos.

The shiur will be given over Zoom so that every bachur can participate wherever he is, in yeshiva or on shlichus. After the shiur, participants will be given access to a recording of the shiur, both video and audio, so they can review it (and in case it wasn’t possible to see the shiur when given live).

During the school year, there will be several tests and those who pass them will receive a semicha certificate signed by top Chabad rabbanim.

The Semicha program for bachurim is subsidized, leiluy nishmas Harav Zushe Wilhelm a”h, head of Lemaan Yilmedu in the U.S., to enable talmidei ha’yeshiva to learn and receive a semicha certificate. Therefore, it is meant only for yeshiva students. 

For more information and to register for the Smicha Program for Bochurim visit:

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