Lemaan Yilmedu Introduces ‘Seder Nashim’

Lemaan Yilemdu invites you to join an intensive higher-education program tailored for the knowledge-driven woman. Enhance your life by mastering subjects in Halacha and immerse in advanced Torah knowledge in order to live and learn.

Since 2021, Lemaan Yilmedu has filled the need for high-quality, immersive Halacha instruction in English. Working with a team of Rabbonim, teachers, translators and graphic artists, they have produced the most comprehensive English-language Halacha courses to date. They quickly grew, attracting hundreds of students eager to continue their Torah education in a professional capacity.

Now, Lemaan Yilmedu is proud to announce their newest endeavor, a top-tier Women’s Division called Seder Nashim.

Seder Nashim is not your ordinary Halacha class. It is your opportunity to join like-minded women embarking on a journey of immersing in Torah and learning relevant Halachos in day-to-day life. It is your chance to study with the best educators and teachers in the field in a professional, engaging, and convenient setting!

The Rebbe gave the acronym Chana for the 3 essential mitzvot of women – Challah, Niddah, and Hadlakos Neiros. In this course, these mitzvos are studied in depth within the broader topics of Hilchos Kashrus, Hilchos Niddah, and Hilchos Shabbos. Delve deep into a range of core subjects within these topics and become knowledgeable in these imperative, practical mitzvos in our lives.

“This is such a great opportunity!” says Esther, a Crown Heights resident. “With all the courses offered in the world, I’ve always wanted to take a course in something actually meaningful and practical in my life. Not since seminary have I had a chance to learn Torah on a deeper level like this.”

Seder Nashim is a year-long, 3-semester program focused on Hilchos Kashrus, Niddah, and Shabbos. Each class is engaging and straightforward, presented on powerpoint slides and following booklets of summaries and visualizations. The shiurim are recorded and will be available online for participants to review at a later date.

The Hilchos Niddah program is in conjunction with Mikvah.org the International is the umbrella organization for Chabad Taharas Hamishpacha education worldwide.

The program is available for women in Crown Heights, with a Zoom option for worldwide participation.  

At the conclusion of each semester, a test is administered to retain the information.
Graduates of the entire program will receive a certificate declaring their mastery of the subjects!

All you need is a commitment to learning and a thirst for knowledge to begin this next chapter of your educational journey.

The program is with the ברכה ועידוד of Harav Yosef Braun, member of the Crown Heights Beis Din.

To register, visit https://women.lemaanyilmedu.com/

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