‘Leil Shishi’ Chassidus to Start Rebbe’s Cherished Hemshech

After completing the entire hemshech “Ayin Beis” over a 12-year period, the weekly Thursday night Chassidus shiur with Rabbi Michoel Golomb will begin the famous hemshech of the Rebbe Maharash “Vekacha 5637.”

Every Thursday night, there is a shiur Chassidus with Rabbi Michoel Golomb, Mashpia at Tomchei Tmimim 770. This week, the shiur will start the famous maamar, “Vekacha 5637” from the Rebbe Maharash.

While the Shiur is geared to those with a basic knowledge of Chassidus, Rabbi Golomb patiently explains the deepest concepts in Chassidus with profound clarity.

The Rebbe is very fond of this המשך, and quotes many times from it, about the virtue of תשובה ומעשים טובים in this world over all the life of the World to Come, in addition to a host of other fundamental topics in תורת החסידות.

Many times the Rebbe would enter his Sukkah with the המשך וככה in his holy hand. In the early years, when Chassidim would bentch on the Rebbe’s lulav in his presence, in his personal Sukkah, they would see that the Rebbe was studying it. Many Maamorim of Sukkos are based on the המשך וככה.

In the היום יום of 24 Kislev, the importance of learning Chassidus on Thursday nights is emphasized. This is the spiritual preparation that allows a Yid to joyfully enter Shabbos.

The shiur takes place from 9:45 PM to 10:30 PM in the Tiferes Zkeinim Levi Yitzchok, located at 304 Kingston Ave.

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  1. Amazing! YK Godol.

    Agav, I once heard from R Chaim Sholom Deitsch that the Hemshech vekocho is the most quoted hemshech in the pnim of the Rebbe’s maamorim. Even though other hemsheichim are referenced more, the Rebbe specifically mentioned by name this hemshech. Hatzlocho rabbo moshiach now

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