Learning Siddur Kiddushin is a Must for Every Shliach 

When your community members honor you with siddur kiddushin, don’t turn them away. Join Lemaan Yilmedu’s Hilchos Chuppa Ve’Kiddushin course and learn who may marry whom, who is Jewish and how to ascertain that, and gain the know-how to fill in a kesubah.

Every Chosson and Kallah who get married, each come with their unique background, story and circumstances. So many important questions can come up at any part of the process and the Rav needs to know what to do.

For those wishing to learn the halachos in a clear, thorough manner, we just opened registration for our brand new course: Hilchos Chuppa V’Kiddushin.

The course will take place over the course of 11 months  is led by Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, a Rov and Shliach in Bellevue, Wash, and is the most comprehensive course on hilchos Chuppa V’Kiddushin to date. The participants will be led on a journey through the evolution of the halachos. They will travel across the pages of the gemara, into the world of the Shulchan Aruch, and finish their adventure in the responsa of modern day Rabbanim, gaining insight into how they dealt with complicated situations and unique challenges.

The curriculum covers all topics having to do with siddur chuppa and kiddushin with an emphasis on the practical-halacha l’maaseh including the laws of eidus, the tennaim document, writing names, yuchasin, eidim for the kesuba, the chuppa, etc.

At the conclusion of the program, course participants will receive a certificate that will be recognized by the Israeli Rabbanut, qualifying them to serve as Mesader Kiddushin at any wedding in the world. The certificate will be signed by prominent Rabbianim from America and Israel. 

Start date: 20 Elul, September 6, 2023

Register now: https://www.lemaanyilmedu.com/product/chuppa-and-kiddushin

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