Learning Publication and Podcast in Honor of Chof Daled Teves

Yagdil Torah has prepared a kovetz limud in connection with the Alter Rebbe’s yartzeit, filled with mishnayos, stories and hora’os from the Rebbe. A podcast of shiurim by Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz accompanies the publication.

In light of the the Rebbe’s suggestion ‘as a way to draw down zechusim and brochos’, to learn the Mishnayos with the Baal Hahilula’s name, and in honor of this auspicious day, Yagdil Torah produced a special Kovetz Limud with Mishnayos, selected stories and Horaos from the Rebbe in connection with the Yom Hahilula of the Alter Rebbe.

The Yagdil Torah organization has always been occupied and continuously develops Limud Hatorah in the Shchuna and beyond, in this area as well!

This year, Rabbi Levi Browd coordinated a unique podcast option to listen along and swiftly learn the mishnayos together with a clear and concise shiur given by Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz (renowned for his daily Rambam, Gemora Sota and daily Chumash shiurim.) “We are certain that this addition will make the learning of the Mishnayos [corresponding to the name of the Baal Hahilula] far more enjoyable,” he said.

Listen to the Audio Here

Download the Kovetz Limud Here

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