Learning Package Helps Prepare for Rebbe’s Birthday

To help Chassidim utilize the special day and celebrate the Rebbe’s 120th birthday, Sichos in English has curated a learning package with quality, reader-friendly, and time relevant content.

There are no words that adequately summate the Rebbe’s impact. Loosely encapsulated, the Rebbe has remodeled the landscape of the world and the individual through transforming macro and microcosmic views.

Yud Aleph Nissan, the Rebbe’s birthday, celebrates the commencement of a revolutionary change in the world for the better. It is the day that Hashem made it apparent that the world can no longer exist without the Rebbe, a leader who uplifts, inspires, and empowers the world. 

Indeed,120 years since the Rebbe’s birth, the Rebbe’s imprint on the world is ever-expanding. As Chassidim of the Rebbe, impacted by the Rebbe’s far-reaching influence, Yud Aleph Nissan is a celebration for us as well. It is a day where each chassid should reflect upon the Rebbe’s influence and learn the Rebbe’s Torah to garner a deeper appreciation for the Rebbe.

To help Chassidim utilize this special day and celebrate the Rebbe’s 120th birthday, Sichos in English has made learning the Rebbe’s Torah more accessible. The hope is that studiers of the Rebbe’s Torah will deepen their understanding of the value of the Rebbe.

Here are two ways that you can celebrate:

Purchase one (or more) of the Rebbe’s seforim at the Mega Yud Aleph Nissan Sale from Sunday, Beis Nissan, to the following Tuesday, Yud Aleph Nissan. All of the Rebbe’ seforim will be sold at a discounted price of 40% off.

Learn the Rebbe’s Torah. A curated learning package has been compiled with quality, reader-friendly, and time relevant content, featuring birthday farbrengens and Pesach insights, in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday. 

This learning package also includes quality content which readers can learn in preparation for Pesach or to be delivered at the seder, featuring Pesach minhagim, halachos, and enlightening anecdotes from the Rebbe Rayatz’s seder.

Take a look at what is inside the learning package:

This unique farbrengen is the only time the Rebbe publicly celebrated a 120th birthday of a Rebbe. At the center of the sichos are timely messages gleaned from the corresponding chapter of Tehillim, Kapital Kuf Chof Aleph, namely recognizing Hashem’s protection during tumultuous times. This farbrengen also features the Rebbe’s impassioned words calling on Chassidim to wake up from their inner Galus. This Farbrengen concludes with the connection between Kapital Kuf Chof Aleph and Mashiach.

Said on Yud Aleph Nissan 5731, in this Maamar, the Rebbe discusses how a Jew should not be distracted by self-serving agendas and should only seek Hashem. The Jew’s wisdom in choosing Hashem is explained from the neshamah’s vantage point and in terms of rational thinking and logic. The insights shared in this Maamar frame where a Jew’s focus should lie and how a Jew can attain altruistic service of Hashem. 

Take a seat at the Rebbe Rayatz’s Seder table and be inspired by the poignant vertlach delivered. Included in one of the sichos is the significant miracle which took place at the time of the Rebbe’s birth on 11 Nissan, 5662, which provided protection for Jews throughout the entire region.

Refresh on some Hilchos Pesach pertaining to the seder night. Learn Siman 472, the siman that delineates the halachos relevant to reclining and drinking the four cups of wine at the seder.

A Yom Tov saturated with customs and traditions, prepare for Pesach by learning an excerpt of the Sefer HaMinhagim Chabad – The Customs of the Seder Night detailing laws of the seder in English.

Make this Yud Aleph Nissan meaningful by learning about this auspicious day and celebrating the Rebbe’s birthday with learning his Torah.

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