“Learning Never Ends”: Summer Cheder Off to a Great Start

Yeshivas Kayitz of Crown Heights began another summer of high-level learning with experienced rebbis, together with exciting activities and trips in chassidishe spirit.

For the 6th year, Yeshivas Kayitz of Crown Heights, under the directorship of Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, has opened its doors to fulfill the Rebbe’s directive to continue cheder through the summer months. Students completing grades 1-8 enjoy a summer packed with serious learning and exciting activities.

Every day of the week (Sunday-Friday) the boys have a solid day of learning – until 1:30 for the younger division and 3:40 for the older one. Taught by experienced year-round rebbis, they have a full schedule of Chumash, Mishnayos, and Gemara. After spending most of their day learning, the boys partake in exciting summer activities in and around Crown Heights.

Photos: Shimmy Lishner

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  1. wonderful program. my son attended three summers, including the overnight program. absolutely the best camp experience available! yasher koach to all involved!

    1. Rabbi Wolf, I’m amazed to see your passion in chinuch and Limud Hatorah!

      I’m sure the expenses are huge and I don’t know how you cover it and still you do this year and year again!

      May Hashem bentch you with many brochos and Haztlacha in all that you do!

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