Learning Doesn’t End at Avos Ubanim International

Close to one thousand students from communities around the globe participated in Igud Hamelamdim’s Avos Ubanim program, which focused on text-based learning and special rewards.

By Malky Weinstock

A look back at this year reveals that close to one thousand boys in 35 yeshivos worldwide, took part in Igud Hamelamdim ‘s revolutionary Avos Ubanim At-Home program, which catered to boys learning at home as well as in their local shuls. Some don’t live near an Avos Ubanim shul program, while others were inactive due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Boys who did attend a local Avos Ubanim in shuls, were also welcomed. The program encourages learning “Bifnim” – inside the text – a learning skill that boys will use for years to come whenever they learn. Moreover, it helps the boys retain and remember what they’ve learned.

Boys from yeshivos spanning the globe quickly registered and participated in the program. Locations included: New York City, Monsey, Morristown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Kingston, Cincinnati, Detroit, Miami, Palm Beach, and Los Angeles in the U.S.; Toronto and Montreal, Canada; England, Australia, South Africa, Germany, and Panama.

The program inspired positive energy and reinforcement via weekly inspiring reminder emails and rewarding the boys for taking the time to learn with their fathers. Learning time was scheduled at a time when most parents are home and not working–Motzei Shabbos. Boys from first grade through 8th would review with enthusiasm with their fathers their weekly class studies – Chumash, Mishnayos or Gemara – for a minimum of 20 minutes. The students submitted weekly reports of their learning time, and in return, received entry into various weekly exciting prize raffles, including seforim sets, walkie talkies, flying helicopters and much more.

The excitement was so pervasive, that although the program officially ran only for five months during the winter–concluding Pesach time–many have continued on throughout the summer months, with boys continually learning with their fathers, as time allowed.

Now, ahead of Rosh Hashanah, eight boys have been rewarded for maximal participation throughout the program. The boys each received an ornately designed becher set, to adorn their yom tov tables both aesthetically and with their proud achievements in learning.

The winners are: Moishe Polinger, Monsey; Hillel Rapoport, Crown heights; Avrumy Schild, Monsey; Shraga Feivel Simmons, Pennsylvania, Dovid Leib Chayne, Crown Heights; Yehoshua Dovid Bergstein, Detroit; and Eli Nossson Bergstien, Detroit. The sets were graciously sponsored by Pinchas Chein of Chein Insurance Agency.

“We are eagerly gearing up for the new year,” shared Igud Hamelamdim director Rabbi Avrohom Bluming. “This year’s exciting program will be announced after Yom Tov.” 

To subscribe to the program and be notified when registration opens, click here.

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