Learning About the Rambam and Lag B’omer With the Rebbe

In celebration of Lag B’omer and the Siyum Harambam, Sichos in English has published a Maamar and a Sichah in English, elaborating on the two festive occasions.

This year, the iconic Lag Baomer festivities and sense of joy are magnified. After immersing themselves in learning Rambam and poring over the detailed halachos of the Rambam’s magnum opus day in and day out, Yidden worldwide are uniting in celebration as they conclude the 41st cycle and start the 42nd cycle of learning. 

The interconnection between these two unique celebrations is clear. Both events boast a joint theme: Jewish Unity. 

As per Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s request, Lag Baomer, the day commemorating Rashbi’s life and legacy, is celebrated joyously. The Rashbi was the first to publicly teach Pnimiyus HaTorah, introducing Yidden to the essence of Jewish thought, the magnetic core of Torah that brings clarity, understanding, and unity to the dimensions of Torah.

In celebration of these notable events, Sichos in English has published a Maamar and a Sichah in English, elaborating on the two festive occasions, Lag Baomer and the Siyum HaRambam. 

In countless talks, the Rebbe spoke about the importance of celebrating the Rashbi’s life and accomplishments with a public display of Jewish Unity. The Rebbe instituted Lag Baomer parades and encouraged joy and camaraderie to achieve Jewish unity which Pnimiyus Hatorah embodies and teaches.

As the Rashbi of our times, the Rebbe utilized every precious moment to ignite fusion between Hashem, Yidden, and Torah fulfilling the purpose of creation. The Rebbe accomplished this through inspiring people from all walks of life to increase their efforts personally, interpersonally, and globally. This unity is integral to our mission, for when we are one unified force, we will cause the arrival of Mashiach and the true and complete Redemption. 

The Siyum HaRambam, the culmination of thousand of ignited minds and passionate souls learning the same words, halachos, and chapters of Mishneh Torah salutes Yidden worldwide, men, women, and children, who partook in this global and grand effort of uniting Yidden through Torah study.

This Lag Baomer, here is what you can learn to bring insight and dimension to both Lag Baomer and the Siyum HaRambam :

Gal Einai 5737

This Maamar ponders upon the work of Rashbi. Was his sole endeavor Pnimiyus HaTorah or was he also active in enhancing our appreciation for Talmudic Study? Is learning a means to becoming who we are or is it an end goal? This fascinating Maamar sheds light upon the true mission of Pnimiyus HaTorah illuminating the request of “Gal Einai Open my eyes and I shall gaze at wonders from Your Torah” unifying the Torah’s deepest truths and everyday life.

Rambam Sichah

Get the inside scoop of what prompted the Rebbe to introduce the unique directive of learning Rambam. This Sichah elucidates how the Rebbe’s three-tiered Rambam study system fuses Jewish unity with personal mastery of Torah.

May our display of Jewish unity usher in the ultimate celebration of unity with the coming of Mashiach now!

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