Learn the Original Basi Legani through the Rebbe’s Lens

Transform your Yud Shvat learning with Sichos in English’s newest debut, Lessons in Basi Legani. This novel publication incorporates close to forty years of the Rebbe’s insights on the original Basi Legani maamar.

Basi Legani.

Transforming the world.

A Chossid’s mission statement.

Now, you can learn the Rebbe Rayatz’s spiritual will for dor hashvi’i, Basi Legani, through the Rebbe’s lens with Lessons in Basi Legani.

With the generous partnership of Rabbi Yossi and Sarale Mintz, Sichos in English has made the first five osiyos of Lessons in Basi Legani available just in time for Yud Shvat. Premiered at the wedding of Mendel and Hindi Mintz, the Lessons in Basi Legani compilation allows its learners to learn the Rebbe Rayatz’s maamar while incorporating the Rebbe’s analyses. 

Sichos in English is sharing the all encompassing Lessons in Basi Legani publication, artfully explained by Rabbi Eliyahu Touger, so that Chassidim worldwide can learn this fundamental maamar on Yud Shvat.

Each year on Yud Shvat, the Rebbe would expound on one of the 20 chapters of the Rebbe Rayatz’s original maamar. When the first cycle ended, the Rebbe restarted the cycle, delivering new insights and elaborations on the maamar. The vitality of Basi Legani is highlighted through the Rebbe’s high regard for this maamar elucidating different nuances year after year and referring to it as a source of nourishment and connection for a neshama. 

As is the minhag of Chassidim, the first five osiyos of Basi Legani are studied throughout the auspicious day of Yud Shvat. The Lessons in Basi Legani publication is the perfect companion to heighten the customary learning of the Rebbe’s maamar. With Lessons in Basi Legani, celebrating Yud Shvat and learning our generation’s mission statement can be taken to a whole new level. 

The beautiful cover of Lessons in Basi Legani, gives hint to the goldmine of content contained in this one sefer. This compilation enables its learners to study the practical and relevant ideas of Basi Legani, like a person’s role in this world, through the Rebbe’s perspective. The Rebbe’s insights interwoven into the original text along with the easily navigable headers are sure to enhance the Yud Shvat Basi Legani learning. 

The hope for this fundamental sefer is to have all 20 osiyos of Basi Legani with close to forty years of the Rebbe’s insights integrated into one book. Join the production of this remarkable vision by partnering with us to make the complete volume a reality.

Allow yourself to be privy to this fundamental maamar through the Rebbe’s eyes. Learn Lessons in Basi Legani, and gift yourself the knowledge and empowerment to accomplish your mission.

Heighten your learning. Enhance this auspicious day. Transform this world into the garden it should be.

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