Learn the First Perek of Rambam With Artscroll

Exclusive download for Anash.org readers: The first perek of the Rambam’s Mishnah Torah will be studied on Friday as part of the 1-perek study cycle. Study the perek with Artscroll’s translation and elucidation. 

The first perek of the Rambam’s Mishnah Torah will be studied by tens of thousands across the globe on Friday as part of the 1-Perek cycle of daily Rambam study.

An exclusive download for Anash.org readers offers the perek with the translation and elucidation of Artscroll, which is famous for their publications on Gemara, Mishnah, and so many other essential Jewish works.

The perek was published in Artscroll’s new ‘Kisvei Harambam,’ a collection of the writings of the Rambam, translated, annotated and elucidated.

The new sefer contains the Rambam’s introduction to ‘Perek Cheilek’, Insights to the Thirteen Principles, Ma’amar Techiyas Hameisim, and other essential writing of the Rambam. Included are also snippets from Mishnah Torah, including the entire first perek of Yesodei Hatorah.

When asked if Artscroll has plans to produce the full Mishnah Torah, an Artscroll representative told Anash.org that “A full Mishnah Torah has been mentioned but is a few years away.”

The excerpt was graciously provided by Artscroll to Anash.org, for the benefit of our readers, and we extend our profound thanks to them.

The new ‘Kisvei Harambam’ can be purchased here.

Click here to download the perek.

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