Learn the Connection between the Rebbe Maharash and Rambam

Today marks a double celebration; the start of the new Rambam cycle of study, and the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash. In 5744, the Rebbe explained the connection between the two celebrations.

The Rebbe Maharash’s iconic motto has helped shape the approach of chassidim worldwide in tackling life happenings from daily routines to curveballs. The Lechatchila Ariber outlook has propelled people to reach for more and make great strides. As chassidim celebrate the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash, this Beis Iyar, they also take a deep dive into Rambam study as Jewish people around the world renew their commitment to the new cycle of learning Rambam.

This two-in-one celebration is by no coincidence. On Gimmel Iyar 5744, the first year of the Rebbe’s takanah to learn Rambam, the Rebbe held a farbrengen after the first week of Rambam study. While the timing of the farbrengen was atypical and unexpected, the farbrengen was centered around the connection between the two auspicious events, the Rebbe Maharash’s birthday and the commencement of the study of Rambam. Marking Beis Iyar, Sichos in English is sharing the farbrengen of Gimmel Iyar 5744 discussing the commonality between the two special events which occur on Beis Iyar.

What’s the connection you ask?

In this farbrengen the Rebbe highlights the elements of Lechatchila Ariber found in Rambam. One of the premises of studying Rambam is embracing the fact that though the Rambam details the entirety of halachos, he does not include the rationale for the halachos enumerated. Therein lies the need for Lechatchila Ariber. Studying halachos and their nuances without questioning the reasoning behind the rules laid out requires a leap of faith. Such a leap is one that chassidim are empowered to take from the Rebbe Maharash.

This beautiful farbrengen also explores how achdus is achieved through the study of Rambam which is relevant in this Hakhel year. Every person studying Rambam, no matter which Rambam track they choose, is complementing the learning of others partaking in the various tracks available.

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Enhance your Beis Iyar and fuel your commencement of Rambam study with inspiration gleaned from this insightful farbrengen. May the study of Rambam bring to fruition the Rambam’s concluding words of Mishneh Torah — “The world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the ocean bed, through the coming of our righteous Mashiach, speedily in our days.”

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