Learn Hilchos Beis Habechirah with the Rebbe

During the three weeks, the Rebbe strongly encouraged the study of the Rambam’s Hilchos Beis Habechirah. Rabbi Yossi Lipskier, author of the upcoming Sefer Otzar Hamelech, has released a special edition covering all the Rebbe’s explanations on these Halachos.

On 15 Tammuz 5736, the Rebbe held a surprise Farbrengen. He quoted the Midrash, which records a conversation Hashem had with Yechezkel Hanavi:

Hashem instructed Yechezkel to tell the Yidden about the Beis Hamikdash. Its shape, structure, entrances and exits, etc. Yechezkel protested that the Yidden were in golus, what use would these instructions have.

Hashem replies “just because my children are in golus, the building of the Beis Hamikdash gets canceled!? Tell them all about it, and when they learn about it, I will consider it as though they have actually built it.”

The Rebbe explained that the same holds true nowadays. Even though we don’t have a physical Beis Hamikdash, studying its Halachos counts as though we’re building it.

The Rebbe then announced a new campaign. During the three weeks, everyone should set time to learn about the Beis Hamikdash. The Pesukim in Yechezkel, Mishnayos Maseches Middos, and especially Hilchos Beis Habechirah in Rambam.

And the Rebbe didn’t stop there. At every Farbrengen from then until during the next Tishrei, the Rebbe spent time explaining another Halacha in the Rambam. During the coming years, on the Shabbosim in the three weeks, he did the same.

Even outside the three weeks, Hilchos Beis a Habechirah was one of the Rebbe’s “favorites”. The famous Reshimas Hamenorah, tens of letters, and many many Sichos were dedicated to explaining these 8 Prakim of Rambam.

As part of his upcoming Sefer Otzar Hamelech, Rabbi Yossi Lipskier from Sherman Oaks, CA, has collected over 300 explanations from the Rebbe on Hilchos Beis Habechirah. This is more (by almost double) than has been published in any similar collection to date.

As we approach the three weeks, Rabbi Lipskier is proud to release this booklet to the public, so everyone can learn Hilchos Beis Habechirah with the Rebbe.

Printed versions of the kuntres will be available in 770 and local Shuls in Crown Heights this Shabbos.

Click here to download the Kuntres.

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