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When a chossid asked the Rebbe from what age one should begin educating a girl about tznius, the Rebbe advised him to consult with a certain chossid who was successful with his daughters’ chinuch.

When someone wrote to the Rebbe that he was involved in publishing a sefer on tznius, the Rebbe wrote, “Certainly with the appropriate zerizus.”

The Rebbe once told Reb Uriel Tzimmer in a yechidus (in 5716 or 5717 – 1956/1957) regarding the tznius in Kfar Chabad:

“You could be confident that with time it will improve. One just needs patience with people who grew up in Russia, who because of the conditions there, didn’t see it in their youth.”

In another instance, the Rebbe expressed regarding a tznius issue: “Haklipa dimedinaseinu milefanim – the kelipa of our previous country [Russia].”

A chossid once asked the Rebbe from what age one should begin educating a girl in tznius matters.

The Rebbe responded, “Take advice from so-and-so,” saying the name of a certain chossid. “He has been successful with his daughters’ chinuch.”

(Hiskashrus Issue 1169; Madrich Le’imahot U’banot p. 86)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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