Learn a Sicha as a Family This Hakhel Year

Project Likutei Sichos, the innovative campaign to complete the study of the Rebbe’s Likutei Sichos, has announced the launch of Project Hakhel with the mission of learning one Sicha per week, for one year as a family.

Project Hakhel is the most amazing way to bring together tremendous numbers of Jews– men, women, and children – for the weekly study of a Sicha of the Rebbe. One nation, learning one Sicha per week, for one year. With Project Hakhel there is finally a great solution for creating a literal global unity!

You are encouraged to grab this opportunity and sign up now at www.hakhelyid.com and get your friends to sign up as well! Every family that signs up will receive Hakhel Yid Merch.

In a letter from 5748, the Rebbe writes, that while the king – every leader of any group – should unite many Jewish people for Hakhel gatherings, parents – who are the kings in their own homes – have the special job and opportunity to bring their family together in the spirit of Hakhel.

With that in mind, Project Hakhel has added family- and child-friendly formats to their already vast selection of resources to learn the weekly Sicha. The new Hakel tab now includes child-friendly sicha summaries, poems, animated videos, and more.

Imagine the beauty of your family gathering together once a week to discuss the Rebbe’s teaching for that week! This revolutionary project will change your life!

When you sign up, you will receive a selection of valuable resources catered to each member of your family – even the very youngest – to make learning attainable for everyone, אנשים נשים וטף.

Some of the new weekly materials include a sicha poem by Rabbi Mottel Friedman, and a kid’s video by the Gourarie family in Hebrew and English.

Join today at www.hakhelyid.com

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