Leading Experts Guide Future Lubavitcher Dayanim

Leading expert Dayanim and Rabbonim have been brought to guide the participants of 770’s Dayanus program, guest Magidei Shiurim have included Rabbi Zalmen Graus, Rabbi Natali Babad, and Rabbi Yochanan Twersky.

Aside for the regular popular weekly shiurim delivered by Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Zalman Labkowsky, leading expert Dayanim and Rabbonim have been brought to guide the participants of 770’s Dayanus program in the contemporary practicalities of the halachos being learned, guest Magidei Shiurim have included, amongst others, Rabbi Zalmen Graus on Hilchos Dayanim, Rabbi Naftali Meir Babad on Hilchos Toen Venitan, and Rabbi Yochanan Twersky on Hilchos Gittin.

Rabbi Graus is known to be one of the most preeminent Dayanim and To’anim in America, he is also a prolific author of numerous seforim, and has over 50 years of experience. Rabbi Graus clarified in detail the role and authority a Beis Din has in the modern era, he also advised the aspiring Dayanim on the importance of properly comprehending the reality of the given situation, aside from being proficient in the actual halachos.

Rabbi Babad delved into the halachic intricacies that one must consider when resolving disputes that come up after contract signing, he also shed light on the proper application of a number of various Choshen Mishpat concepts. Rabbi Babad is the Rosh Av Beis Din of Tartikov, Rov and head of Kashrus of Tarnopol, and one of the most preferred candidates for a Shlish (head of a Zabla din torah) amongst Borerim in the tri-state area.

Rabbi Twersky is the Av Beis Din of Badatz Kav Hayoshor and one of the foremost and highly regarded Mesadrei Gittin in the New York area, with a tremendous bekius in the relevant halachos. Over the course of the two shiurim he delivered, Rabbi Twersky covered in detail the entire process of a get, down to all the technical details, from the correct way the names must be written, to how to go about verifying the identities of the parties involved.

The group of future Dayanim were also given the opportunity to witness and glean insights from the actual real-life protocol in various Batei Din in New York, with some advanced talmidim and graduates of the group taking more of an active role as actual Dayanim and serving on the Beis Din. Additionally, a group of talmidim who have recently completed learning Hilchos Mikvaos, were given a comprehensive tour of a Mikveh in Crown Heights, led by veteran Mikveh expert Rabbi Elozor Raichik, who assisted with the halachic aspects of the Mikveh’s construction.

With its recent revitalization and unprecedented surge in enrollment, the program has grown to be from the largest and most advanced Dayanus programs. Registration is currently open for the coming year, with the option to commence with Hilchos Shabbos during the summer or at the beginning of Elul, or with Hilchos Ribbis at the end of Cheshvan. Full scholarships are available for enrolled students of the Yeshiva, and for select full-time Kollel Yungerlight. Shluchim or Anash alumni of the Yeshiva, who can make it in-person to the approximate six tests a year are welcome to join as well.

To apply head to dayanus.org/apply. For a downloadable list of the required material click here. For questions or for more info please email: [email protected] or visit www.dayanus.org.

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