‘Lchatchila Ariber’ Was Theme of Ateres Chaya Mushka’s 1st Dinner

Ateres Chaya Mushka school of Crown Heights celebrated their past accomplishments and marked the dawn of a new era for the school at a gala dinner on Sunday night.

Ateres Chaya Mushka school of Crown Heights celebrated their past accomplishments and marked the dawn of a new era for the school at a gala dinner on Sunday night.

The gala dinner, held on Beis Iyar, the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash, also marked the launch of the school’s campaign, aptly named ‘Lchatchila Ariber’, after his most famous saying. The campaign will help the school reach new heights and achieve even more than until now.

Dinner attendees were welcomed into the new school building at 432 East 92nd Street in Remsen Village, which was bedecked and transformed into a luxurious banquet hall. Waiters circulated among the tables, while parents and supporters enjoyed their first course to strains of chassidishe niggunim sung by the Kapele Choir, led by R’ Yossi Cohen.

The official program began with the recital of the kapitalach of the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin, led by philanthropist R’ Shimi Barber. The MC, Rabbi Velvl Butman, Head Shliach of Westchester County, then called up the founder and dean of the school, Mrs. Leah Levine, to present the ‘Education Leadership Award’ to veteran mechaneches Morah Baila Bronshtein.

After a l’chaim with co-founder of the school Rabbi Meir Levine, a special video presentation was shown, highlighting the brachos of the Rebbe and the many miracles which brought the school to where it is today

Veteran mechanech Rabbi Chaim Levi Goldstein was then introduced as guest speaker. Rabbi Goldstein, in his warm and inimitable manner, spoke about the Siyum Harambam and its connection to chinuch and the auspicious day of Beis Iyar. 

Rabbi Butman then called up Rabbi Sholom Ber and Michla Levine, who accompanied and supported the school from its infancy, to present them with the ‘Education Visionary Award’. The award saluted their many years of guidance, leadership and wise counsel to the school. Rabbi Levine then offered brief remarks.

Greeting were then offered by Rabbi Yeshaya Cohen, Chief Rabbi and Head Shliach to Kazakhstan, who especially showed up to the dinner to offer his support for Ateres Chaya Mushka. 

The entire crowd then rose to applaud Mr. David Steinberg as he was presented with the ‘Education Building Award.’ Mr. Steinberg, without whom the new building would not have been possible, was warmly thanked for his exemplary dedication and friendship to Jewish education. He then shared a few words of his own. 

Mrs. Leah Levine next shared some of the experiences that went into building the school, relating just a few of the many miraculous events she experienced in her role. The ‘Parent Partnership Award’ was then presented to Rabbi Mendy and Mrs. Miriam Simon.

Dinner participants were presented with a folder containing the details of the school’s campaign. Many of them, inspired by the meaningful evening, pledged to donate or raise significant amounts.

After bentching, the men sat down for a farbrengen, celebrating the success of pure Yiddishe chinuch, and the motto of ‘Lechatchila Ariber’.

The entire event was produced by Bracha Torenheim of TOP media.

Click here to take part in the school’s ‘Lchatchila Ariber’ campaign!

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