Law Enforcement Delegation Visits the Rabbinical College of America

Photos: Shmulie Grossbaum

A group of law enforcement leaders paid a visit to the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown and addressed the students on the invitation of Dean Rabbi Moshe Herson, Head Shliach of New Jersey.

A group of law enforcement leaders was invited by Rabbi Moshe Herson, Dean, to visit the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown. The group was led by US Attorney Phil Sellinger and included: Robert Carroll, Morris County Prosecutor, Morris County Sheriff James Gannon, Rabbi Abraham Friedman, New Jersey State Police Chaplain, and Rabbi Avi Richler, NJ Shliach, Chabad of Gloucester County.

The visit’s objective was to highlight and support the strong relationship between the RCA community shares with law enforcement. The delegation spoke about cases where threats had arisen, and described their own effective responses.

After meeting with Rabbi Moshe Herson and Rabbi Mendy Herson, Associate Dean, the group visited the study halls of Tomchei Tomimim Lubavitch and Tiferes Bachurim to learn about the yeshiva and speak with the students.

As the delegation walked into the room, the entire student body rose in respect. Rabbi Mendy Herson addressed the crowd, followed by his father, Rabbi Moshe Herson, Dean of the college, Rabbi Chaim Shapiro, Dean of Students, and then US Attorney, Philip Sellinger.

In his speech, AG Sellinger shared: “I don’t know how you students can sit and study here all day and not be awed by this great Rabbi standing right in front of you (referring to a picture of the Lubavitcher of Rebbe).”

The delegation expressed their deep amazement at the dedication and passion of the students, and at the deep impact it created.

After the delegation had left, Rabbi Moshe Herson addressed the students. He emphasized the importance of maintaining strong relationships with law enforcement, and encouraged the students to continue their studies so that they can eventually become leaders in their future communities.

The visit was a great opportunity for the police delegation and the community to come together and strengthen their relationship. It also demonstrated the importance of continued communication and collaboration between law enforcement and the community in promoting safety and stability.

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