Laufer Family Dedicates New Torah to Oholei Torah Mesivta

The bochurim of Oholei Torah Mesivta joined the Siyum of a new Sefer Torah, dedicated by the Laufer family to the new Oholei Torah Mesivta building.

A new Torah was dedicated on Tuesday to Oholei Torah Mesivta by Rabbi Mordechai and Frieda Laufer and family of Crown Heights.

The Torah was completed at Oholei Torah’s preschool at 407 East 53rd St., the building that used to serve as the Shul where Rabbi Michoel Teitelbaum was the Rov.

The entire Oholei Torah Mesivta came to participate, and then accompanied the Torah with song and dance down the streets of East Flatbush.

Bochurim, family, and friends paraded with the Torah to the new Oholei Torah Mesivta building at 555 Remsen Ave, where traditional hakafos were held, followed by a seudas mitzvah.

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