Latkes and Fun by Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz

While most shluchim were busy preparing their next chanukah party, four rabbis took the time to join a very different type of party: a humorous latke cook-off in the home of Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz.

While most shluchim were busy preparing their next chanukah party, four Rabbis took the time to join a very different type of party. Rabbis Simcha Backman, Chaim Mentz and Yochanan Manssouri came to the home of Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, who is battling ALS, and competed in the ultimate latke cook-off.

The cook-off was hosted by Rabbi Mendel Rapaport and judged by Shmuli Block, Ari Raskin, and Sholom Ber Plotkin, shluchim in YOEC.

After the usual minyan Shachris held in Rabbi Yitzi’s home, the Rabbis took off their jackets, rolled up their sleeves, and put on their aprons and chef hats in preparation for the competition. The ingredients were set up, and without further ado, the Rabbis got to work.

These were no regular latkes; each rabbi added their own touch and flavor in a bit to ensure victory. Pickles, bissli, jalapenos and pineapple were just some of the interesting ingredients that turned up in the unique creations.

As the latkes were being prepared, the Rabbis told Chanukah stories from their shlichus and shared other entertaining anecdotes and episodes. Meanwhile, the judges kept a keen eye, evaluating every detail of the preparation and presentation. Each rabbi was given a chance to present their latke to Rabbi Yitzi and the judges, and explain the meaning and message behind their latke.

All in all, the cook-off was an incredible event, filled with both humor and inspiration that was enjoyed by all.

“A special thank you goes out to the Rabbis and bochurim who helped arrange this beautiful event,” organizers said.

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