Last Chance Before Rosh Hashanah – Only a Few Hours Left!

As we approach Rosh Hashanah, the timeless Sicha of the Rebbe in Parashat Nitzavim Vayelech 5743 reminds us of a profound opportunity to invite divine Brocha into our lives.

If you desire Hashem’s abundant Brocha of children, health, and livelihood, consider making a monthly pledge to Tzedakah based on the Rebbe’s guidance. The Rebbe’s instructions are crystal clear: Write down your pledge, specifying your monthly commitment. By doing so, you not only open a new channel for fulfilling your pledge but also unlock Hashem’s generosity beyond your imagination.

Today, in these final hours before Rosh Hashanah, take action. Your pledge will support Maor’s vital work, spreading the Rebbe’s teachings to countless adults and children worldwide.

Don’t miss this chance to multiply blessings. Act now and secure a brighter future.

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