Last Call to Sign Up for the Chidon 5784

We are at war, we need every soldier. Every child who joins the Chidon is taking a commitment to study more Torah, one of the most powerful weapons to win this war.

Message from Tzivos Hashem HQ:

We are at war

Dear Commanders.
Principals, Teachers and Parents.

We are at war. It’s a very dark time. But from the darkness has come and will bring a lot of light. There is a tremendous awakening amongst Yidden people are doing things that they never have before.

People have started to go on Mivtzoim. Gather children for Rallies. Get children to learn the 12 Pessukim.
Get children to join Tzivos Hashem, and to buy a letter in the Sefer Torah. To strengthen their commitment to learning Torah. Specifically chitas and Rambam. To say extra Tehillim and give extra Tzedoka. To add in simcha despite the horrific things that have happened and build their trust in Hashem that Eretz Yisroel is the safest place in the world.

It’s very clear from the Rebbes sichos. That children have a very special power. The Torah that they learn and the Tehilim that they say, has the power to destroy the enemy. Perhaps the most powerful sicha of all time is when the Rebbe told the Released time children that when you foil the plot of your Yetzer Hora, in that zechus Hashem will foil the plot of the enemy. This is so empowering.

We turn to you the head commanders of each base. The commanders of each platoon. Class. And the commanders of each squad. The parents. To ask that you do all you can to convey this message to the children.

We ask you to inspire and induce your children to be active soldiers in Hashem’s Army. To take on to really fight their Yetzer Hora. To say as much tehillim as possible this Shabbos Mevorchim and to add in Torah learning.

Today is the last day to join the Chidon. Yes, joining the Chidon is a commitment to learn more Torah in their spare time.

On the Yesoid track, it’s a commitment of 10 minutes a day. 1 hour a week.

On the Yediah track, it’s a commitment of 20 minutes a day. 2 hours per week.

On the Havona track, it’s a commitment of 30 minutes a day. 3 hours a week.

On the Iyun track, it’s a commitment of 45 minutes a day. 4.5 hours a week.

Whatever you are ready to undertake. Please join we need every chayol to win this war.

Together we will overcome the enemy. We will win this war. Together we will bring Moshiach NOW!

LOOKING FORWARD to celebrating our victory with you, very soon.

Shimmy Weinbaum
Tzivos Hashem HQ

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