Last Call! Auction Concludes in Just a Few Hours!

In the final hours of the Auction, they still need help to reach their goal. Can they count on you to bring them to the finish line?

The Auction is currently in its final hours!

Keep your phone handy, in just 5 hours the lucky winner will be notified. And, if it’s you, you definitely don’t want to miss that call! has done so much important work throughout the past half a century.

Yet, there is so much more that needs to be done!

Can you be a part of:

Translating our app into additional languages?

Helping Mikvaos complete their construction and become ready for use?

The development of brand new courses and training sessions for Kallah Teachers?

The production of new, life changing courses available to the public, free of charge?

With only hours left, really needs your help to make all of this, and more, come to life!

Can they count on you to show up for them?

Take part now, before it’s too late!

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