LA’s “Shabbos House” is a Home for All Jews

Shabbos House L.A., run by Avi and Miquela Climo, has served thousands of Shabbos meals to Jews of all backgrounds. Partner with them today to make a difference and win prizes.

One Pico-Robertson couple will host meals this coming High Holidays in a unique way. Avi and Miquela Climo of Shabbos House L.A. are preparing to host over 20 meals this Tishrei.

How it all started: When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Los Angeles singles, professionals and elderly who were reliant on shuls and families to host them for Shabbos meals were forced to fend for themselves; a daunting task for someone not used to spending the hours or dollars necessary to create beautiful meals fit for Shabbos.

Even after restrictions were lifted, many still needed a place to eat. Shuls as well as homes of family who hosted for many years put serving Shabbos and Yom Tov meals on hold. As Daniel Avrum summed it up: “What I found was a family and a connection I never knew I could or would have with Judaism.”

The Climos coming decided that this was going to become their Shlichus; to serve any Jew who needed a family environment and kosher meals for Shabbos and Yom Tov in the L.A. area. Congregants of local shuls, Baalei-Teshuvah, and visitors to Los Angeles flocked for Shabbos delights.

Baruch Wellington, a frequent guest who enjoyed his first orthodox Shabbos meal with the Climos (during the pandemic) is now in Yeshiva put it this way: “I would like to express my gratitude for having an open house for people like me who are just getting on the path, to have a welcoming place for Shabbos.”

Quite a following ensued and regulars of all ages and backgrounds are now enjoying more than Shabbos and Yom Tov meals. Shabbos house now provides live musical performances, classes on Torah and Chassidus and even 1:1 counseling. Hundreds have visited and enjoyed over 4,500 kosher meals while connecting with other Jews! They added to their community services by assisting addicts, even homeless get the help they need. 

This Los Angles kosher space promises to be a hot spot this High Holiday season for hundreds looking forward to the late-night vibe or afternoon chill filled with challah, cholent and singing. Another bonus is Miquela’s mother cooking up the best Persian food in Los Angeles!

In the past 6 months 8 of their regular guest got married, some to each other, making Shabbos House a great place to meet singles. Yoav was hosted on his first stop in the United States after his army duty in Israel says: “It’s amazing to see the hospitality, the lovingness and warmth that spreads from this household. No matter who you are or where you are coming from everyone is welcome.”

Shabbos House has evolved into a not for profit organization. They are excited to partner with Causematch and local restaurants – Lenny’s Cantina, Bibi’s Bakery, La Gondola, Pizza Station and Lieder’s – this week to raise funds for the upcoming year. Participants of the fundraiser can win a trip to New York and the Ohel, Jewish Books, and gift certificate provided by our sponsors.

“How nice of an organization this is, a really a big mitzvah you guys are doing for the community,” said La Gondola manager Michelle Weinblut of the upcoming raffle and fundraiser.

For more information visit, email [email protected] or call 310-597-1175. The Climo’s are on the frontline to bring all Jews closer to Yiddishkeit. They understand that a Jews personal redemption can starts with one kosher meal. They are honored to serve. 

Shabbos house has completely outgrown its space due to the influx of participants in their year-round programs. Time is running out as the community need to have an adequate space for the upcoming High Holiday season.

Please partner with them to help making a difference in hundreds of lives and enter to win a trip to New York and the Ohel, Jewish Books, and gift certificate provided by our sponsors!

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