Large Crowd Joins Event Honoring the Rebbe in Washington State

A large crowd of attendees from all over Washington State attended this year’s sixth annual unity event, entitled “One People, One Heart – An Evening of Unity & Inspiration Commemorating the Teaching & Impact of the Lubavitcher Rebbe”. 

A large crowd of attendees from all over Washington State attended this year’s sixth annual unity event, entitled “One People, One Heart – An Evening of Unity & Inspiration Commemorating the Teaching & Impact of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.”

The event was presented & organized by the Shluchim of Washington State & created & directed by Rabbi Shmuly Levitin of Chabad of Downtown Seattle. 

The Master of Ceremonies was Chaya Kesselman of Chabad of Tacoma Washington. The Keynote Address was delivered by Rabbi Dov Greenberg an international speaker & Shliach to Stamford University who spoke about the Rebbe’s unique style of leadership and the lessons for our lives, Rabbi Mordechai Farkash Shliach to Bellevue Washington spoke about the Rebbe’s special approach in Torah learning and how it is expressed in how the Rebbe views the Modeh Ani prayer. 

A beautiful string quartet played four of the Nigunim the Rebbe taught, Tzoma, Darkecha, Hu Elokeinu & Anim Zmiros.

Two powerful JEM films were played, one opened the evening with the theme of Hakhel and the other was a miracle story of a couple that was blessed with a child later in life. 

The evening opened up with a pre-reception featuring a live sushi chef & open bar.

People were greatly impacted by the event.

It was great …the speakers were really inspiring

I’m renewing my intention to start each day with Modeh Ani

Inspiring as always! I’ll have to try and incorporate some of the ideas Rabbi Greenberg talked about in my daily life. The string quartet and the sushi were great additions to the event! 

Amazing! So glad we went! I said Modeh Ani with a little more intention this morning

I thought it was a tremendous success. Great speakers and the live music and singing were so beautiful. I felt like I was at a concert and then an inspired Ted talk through the Jewish lens. Many excellent and inspiring takeaways. The morning prayer was a powerful story. The three lessons through Jewish lens, It was wonderful to see so many new faces too. Very well done! Great evening!

Thank you. Very meaningful event last night.


Participating Organizations:
1 Rabbi & Mrs. Elazar & Esther Bogomilsky Directors, Friendship Circle of Washington
2 Rabbi & Mrs. Sadya & Shimona Davidoff Directors, Chabad Jewish Center of Shoreline
3 Rabbi & Mrs. Sholom Ber & Chaya Elishevitz CTeen Directors, Eastside Torah Center-Chabad of Bellevue/Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder
4 Rabbi & Mrs. Shimon & Meira Emlen Educators. Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder
5 Rabbi & Mrs. Mordechal & Rochie Farkash Directors, Eastside Torah Center – Chabad of Bellevue
6 Rabbi & Mrs. Sholom Ber (Baerie) & Nechama Farkash Directors, Chabad of the Central Cascades (Issaquah)
7 Rabbi & Mrs Levi and Mina Farkash Directors, Downtown Bellevue
8 Rabbi & Mrs. Menachem Mendel & Shaina Goldshmid Director, Chabad of Bainbridge Island
9 Rabbi & Mrs. Shmulik & Tzivie Greenberg Directors, Chabad Jewish Center of Clark County
10 Rabbi & Mrs. Shmuly & Shevy Gurary Directors, Chabad of Maple Valley
11 Rebbi & Mrs. Yisroel & Sarah Hahn Directors, Chabad of Spokane County
12 Rabbi & Mrs. Avi & Marave Herbstman, Rabbi Congregation Sharei Tefilla Lubavitch 
13 Rebbi & Mrs. Abe & Sphrintze Kavka Administrator, Chabad of Seattle/ Directors, Camp Gan Israel Seattle
14 Rabbi & Mrs. Mendel Kesselman Directors, Chabad of Pierce County
15 Rabbi & Mrs. Yechezkel & Devorah Kornfeld Education Directors, Chabad of Seattle / Rabbi, Chabad of Mercer Island
16 Rabbi & Mrs. Nissan & Mushka Kornfeld Directors, Chabad of Mercer Island
17 Rabbi & Mrs. Sholom Ber & Chanie Levitin NW Regional Directors of Chabad – Rabbi, CSTL
18 Rabbi & Mrs. Shmuel & Chaya Levitin Directors, Chabad of Downtown Seattle & Young Professionals
19 Rabbi & Mrs. Schnear (Shnai) & Chaya Levitin Directors, Chabad of Queen Anne
20 Rabbi & Mrs. Yoni & Mushka Levitin Directors, Chabad of NW Seattle (Phinney Ridge, Greenwood, Ballard Greenlake Wallingford & Fremont)
21 Rabbi & Mrs. Levi & Rivkah Levitin Directors, Chabad of Capitol Hill
22 Rabbi & Mrs. Shneur & Rivkah Marasow Directors, Chabad of North Seattle (98125)
23 Rabbi & Mrs. Schneur & Sheina Matusof Chabad of the Central Cascades (Issaquah)
24 Rabbi & Mrs. Berel & Goldie Paltiel Directors, Chabad Jewish Center of Snohomish County
25 Rabbi & Mrs Yechezkel & Ora Rapoport Directors, Chabad Jewish Russian Center
26 Rabbi & Mrs. Chaim & Sarale Rivkin Directors, Chabad of Kirkland
27 Rabbi & Mrs. Shmuel & Shevy Silver Directors, Chabad of Skagit County
28 Rebbi & Mrs: Yosef & Rivky Schtroks Directors, Chabad Jewish Center of Olympia
29 Rabbi & Mrs. Yisroel & Shternie Treitel Directors, Chabad Jewish Center of Renton (Renton Kent & Auburn)
30 Rabbi & Mrs. Yosef & Noa-Miriam Truxton Directors, Rohr Center for Jewish Life – Chabad of Bellingham & WWU
31 Rabbi & Mrs. Mendel & Miriam Weingarten Directors, Chabad at University of Washington
32 Rabbi & Mrs. Avraham & Nissa Yarmush Directors, Chabad of Bellingham & WWU
33 Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe & Devorah Wolff Directors, Chabad of Burien and Federal Way

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