Lamed-K Rabbonim Visit AgriStar, Meet with Shochtim

Rabbonim of the newly established Lamed-K kashrus visited the AgriStar plant in Postville, Iowa, where they met with shochtim and inspected the shechita and bedika process.

The leaders of the newly established kosher agency Lamed-K conducted an inspection of the AgriStar meat plant located in Postville, Iowa, on Monday. Representing Lamed-K were Rabbi Shlomo Segal of Crown Heights, Rabbi Gedalya Oberlander of Kingston, PA, and Rabbi Aaron Lieberman of Lauderhill, FL.

During their visit, they participated in a meeting with the personnel responsible for producing chicken and meat under Shor Habor. Accompanying them were the Lubavitcher shochtim and mashgichim.

Although Rabbis Segal and Oberlander had visited the plant previously, this visit marked their first since the official announcement of Lamed-K’s formation.

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