Lahak Holds Mega Sale in Honor of the Rebbe’s Birthday

In honor of 11 Nissan, over one hundred and fifty seforim from the Rebbe’s Torah are being sold at a bargain price, with free shipping in all fifty states of the United States.

Tonight and tomorrow, the night and day of Yom Habohir 11 Nissan, the 122nd birthday of the Rebbe’s, a huge discount is being held, on behalf of the publishing house of the Rebbe’s Torah, ‘Vaad Hanochos BeLahak’.

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, director of Lahak Hanochos said, “This is a special opportunity to give nachas to our Rebbe, both to bring the books of his Torah into the home and to decide on this special day to study them every day.”

Each of the ‘Torat Menachem’ books – for only 12 dollars!

The sale is on תורת מנחם התוועדויות, from volume 1 to volume 81, and also on תורת מנחם מאמרים from the year 5751 to the volume of 5739. Other books from Lahak are as well available for 50% off!

The sale is valid throughout the US only, and it includes free delivery to your door!

24 hours only, don’t miss it –

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