Lag B’Omer Rally to Feature Siyum HaRambam for the First Time

The Rebbe encouraged everyone to celebrate the Siyum HaRambam, including children. The annual children’s rally organized by NCFJE will feature children making a Siyum on the Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvos.

On Lag B’Omer 5745-1985, the Rebbe spoke of the connection of the Rambam to Lag B’Omer and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Now, 37 years later, we will have the opportunity to begin the new cycle of learning Rambam on this special day.

This presents a unique opportunity. After close to 80 years of the NCFJE organizing Lag B’Omer outings, parades, and rallies this will be the first time a Siyum and Hascholas HaRambam will be made at a rally. A representative of Tzivos Hashem and Chitas for Kids will make the SIyum from the Rambam’s kever in Teverya.

A selection of the above mentioned Farbrengen will be shown courtesy of JEM, speaking on the powerful effect children can have when learning even just one halacha in the Rambam.

The program will also include Tefillah and Tzedakah with the 12 pesukim led by representatives from around the world, and a spectacular stunt show by the world record XPogo team.

Watch live on Thursday, Lag B’Omer at 10:45am on and on

In Hayom Yom, the Rebbe writes that Lag B’Omer was always a special day by Chassidim, so much so that they would wait the entire year looking forward to Lag B’Omer, when they would go out to the field and great miracles would occur, especially in regard to children. It is considered a great zchus to contribute to the expenses of Lag B’Omer celebrations, you can contribute here.

PSA: Due to safety reasons, the event is for local schools only. If you are picking up your child, head directly to the designated pickup area for your school.

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