Lag B’omer Chassidus Sales Were a Tremendous Success

Ohr Hachassidus transformed the Tri-State area with unforgettable Lag B’aomer seforim sales, reaching hundreds of Yidden from all backgrounds.

For the past 16 years, the Lag Baomer Sifrei Chassidus Sales orchestrated by Ohr Hachassidus have left a profound imprint on the lives of thousands of Yidden. And this year’s event has been an absolute success!

During this Lag Baomer, Ohr Hachassidus set out on an incredible mission across the Tri-State area, bringing their two Baderech trucks—mobile Seforim stores—to spread the teachings of Chassidus far and wide.

These trucks became buzzing hubs of excitement and electricity, offering heavily subsidized sifrei Chassidus to individuals from all walks of life. The atmosphere in every neighborhood they visited was nothing short of exhilarating.

The impact was truly awe-inspiring, as each interaction with the Seforim sales left people, regardless of their backgrounds, infused with an enthusiasm to explore the teachings of Chassidus.

The Monsey Seforim sales were led by students from the Yeshiva of Nayak, providing them with an up-close experience of the contagious excitement that these sales bring to people who may have never encountered Chassidus before. 

With the resounding success of the Lag Baomer sales, Ohr Hachassidus is now gearing up for an exciting and action-packed summer. Fueled by their mission, they are preparing a series of exciting initiatives for the upstate areas to continue the important work of spreading Chassidus to all Yidden.

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