Power Outage in New Orleans Leads to Community BBQ

As Louisianans remain without power due to Hurricane Ida, Rabbi Yossi and Chanie Nemes, shluchim to Metairie in New Orleans, LA hosted a community barbecue to use up the meat defrosting in their freezer.

By Anash.org reporter

After Hurricane Ida toppled an electricity tower into the Mississippi river, the city of New Orleans was left without electricity in the sweltering heat. City officials do not yet know how soon power will be restored.

Rabbi Yossi and Chanie Nemes, shluchim to Metairie in New Orleans, LA, faced a freezer full of meat and other frozen foods that had been prepared for the upcoming yomim tovim, but were quickly defrosting. Instead of letting the food spoil and go to waste, the Nemes’ hosted a barbeque for their community.

The barbecue was a welcome diversion as the shluchim and most of their community prepare to leave the city for a few days. They plan to return for Rosh Hashana.

“Chabad Shluchim visited tens of individuals today, such as older women who live alone, older couples,” Rabbi Nemes told Anash.org. “Some people can’t leave and needed help with food and supplies, some needed help making a plan to leave. The shluchim brought food and helped them out before leaving town for a few days with their families.”

To help the shluchim in their recovery efforts and post-storm activities click here.

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