Labor Day Parade to Create Street Closures

New York’s Labor Day Parade, scheduled for this coming Monday, will bring significant street closures to the Crown Heights neighborhood. See the full list inside.

New York’s Labor Day Parade, scheduled for this coming Monday, will bring significant street closures to the Crown Heights neighborhood.

Anyone wishing to drive into Crown Heights streets, from Montgomery St. until President St., will need to present an ID showing a local address.

Expect heavy traffic delays from Sunday 10 pm to Monday 6 pm.

J’Ouvert Events & West Indian American Labor Day Parade and Festival

The following streets will be closed for J’Ouvert Events & West Indian American Labor Day Parade and Festival on Sunday, September 3, 2023 – Monday, September 4, 2023 at the discretion of the NYPD in Brooklyn.


  • Grand Army Plaza (Entire Circle)
  • Buffalo Avenue between Eastern Parkway and East New York Avenue
  • Rochester Avenue between East New York Avenue and Sterling Place
  • Ralph Avenue between Eastern Parkway and East New York Avenue
  • East New York Avenue between Howard Avenue and Utica Avenue
  • Eastern Parkway between Howard Avenue and Grand Army Plaza
  • Washington Avenue between Sterling Place and Lincoln Road
  • Flatbush Avenue between Grand Army Plaza and Caton Avenue
  • Ocean Avenue between Empire Boulevard and Parkside Avenue
  • Butler Place between Grand Army Plaza and Sterling Place
  • St. John’s Place between Underhill Avenue and Grand Army Plaza
  • Rockaway Parkway between East New York Avenue and Rutland Road
  • Parkside Avenue between Park Circle and Flatbush Avenue
  • Bedford Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Empire Boulevard
  • Empire Boulevard between Flatbush Avenue and Nostrand Avenue
  • Nostrand Avenue between Empire Boulevard and Linden Boulevard


Community Update from the Jewish Future Alliance:

Labor Day Parade Street Closures and Safety Update

The annual Labor Day parade in Crown Heights is approaching, and it’s encouraging to note that the concerted efforts of the community and the NYPD have significantly enhanced safety during the event.

While instances of violence, primarily occurring on Sunday nights in previous years, have been a concern. Last year, there were no serious incidents within the confines of the 71st precinct, a testament to the dedicated efforts of the NYPD. Their hard work is greatly appreciated and has contributed to the event’s improved safety.

Regarding the street closures, it’s important to be aware of the following details:

Street Closures:

Streets Affected: Empire Blvd, Flatbush Ave, New York Ave, Nostrand Ave, Rogers Ave, Bedford Ave, Washington Ave, and various other streets situated west of Brooklyn.

Closure Time: Street closures will commence as early as 10:00 PM on Sunday, with some closures potentially occurring later but generally around 10:00 PM. These closures will remain in effect until noon on Monday.

Eastern Parkway will be closed from approximately 7:00 AM on Monday, and the closure will persist until around 8:00-9:00 PM on the same day.

Travel Advisory:

The period between 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Monday is anticipated to be the most challenging time for travel due to the event’s activities and associated street closures.

As you plan for the Labor Day travel in the area, keep these details in mind to ensure a smooth experience.

Enhancements to Pedestrian Infrastructure 

Residents might have noticed ongoing construction at intersections within the Crown Heights neighborhood. These visible enhancements are part of the New York City Department of Transportation’s (NYC DOT) Pedestrian Ramp Program, which aims to install and enhance pedestrian ramps.

The recently upgraded pedestrian ramps will feature a noticeable red (or white in specified districts) detectable warning surface. This addition aims to enhance safety and convenience for individuals with visual disabilities.

Recent upgrades can be observed at intersections like Empire and New York, as well as New York and President and Carroll.

For reporting conditions such as damaged sidewalks or pedestrian ramps, please visit or dial 311.

Shooting Incident at Bedford Union Armory Prompts Security Upgrades

On August 16th, a shooting occurred at Bedford Union Armory, injuring a 17-year-old. The incident took place in the lobby around 7:30 p.m. The victim also had a firearm. The armory, now a community center since its 2021 conversion, hosts various activities like after-school programs, basketball games, swim lessons, and art performances.

Entrance now includes mandatory bag and ID checks, along with the addition of extra security personnel.

Crown Heights Sanitation Walkthrough

In collaboration with Community Board 9 and Council Member Hudson’s office, the JFA conducted a walkthrough in Crown Heights involving sanitation officials and store owners on Kingston and Albany Ave. The aim was to address the challenges arising from new regulations that mandate the use of sealed containers for garbage placement, including the lack of space in the store for the containers. During our visit to a local vegetable store, it became apparent that the store entrances couldn’t accommodate regular-sized bins, which is another issue.

Store owners raised valid concerns about the potential theft of bins left unattended overnight, particularly considering the area’s history of such incidents.

Furthermore, our walkthrough uncovered an unforeseen issue: some enforcement agents rely on Google to determine store closure times. This reliance is unreliable, leading to inaccuracies—especially on weekends and during the summer months. We asked sanitation to address this information gap as it is essential for enhancing the accuracy of future enforcement procedures.

This update aims to raise community awareness and encourage active participation in the democratic process. We’ll continue to update you about neighborhood developments.

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