LA Semicha Bochurim Learn About Marriage

Kollel Tiferet Menachem, the Semicha Yeshiva in Los Angeles, held a series of classes on shidduchim and marriage. “These classes are an investment in the future,” says Rosh HaKollel Rabbi Dovid Schmukler.

What does semicha have to do with marriage?

One of the unique features of Kollel Tiferes Menachem, the Semicha Yeshiva in Los Angeles, is a series of classes on shidduchim and marriage. This stage of yeshiva education is often the year preceding marriage for many yeshiva students and getting a good and healthy start is vital to choosing and establishing married life.

“These classes are an investment in the future,” says Rabbi Dovid Schmukler, Rosh HaKollel. 

This program is part of Kollel Tiferet Menachem’s undertaking to educate and equip the students for setting up a healthy and happy Chassidishe home and has been graciously sponsored by the Zipp Family.

Each year, Kollel Tiferes Menachem, the Smicha Yeshiva in Los Angeles, holds a marriage seminar with Rabbi Manis Friedman, addressing questions of before and during the shidduchim process, and after marriage. Rabbi Friedman presents an eye-opening seminar, giving the students guiding principles and perspectives. The positive feedback from the bochurim each year has been incredible, alumni tell how the classes have been so illuminating, serving as an important foundation for building this core of life. 

This year, Kollel Tiferes embarks on its 22nd year of outstanding semicha education b’ezras Hashem, blessed to have educated some of the greatest rabbonim, dayanim, shluchim and community leaders around the world. Aside from excellent regular shiurim from the Rosh HaKollel, Rabbi Dovid Schmukler, known for their clarity and depth, the semicha students have been privileged to hear lectures from erudite and exciting lecturers such as Rabbi Ezra Schochet, Rabbi Dovid Schochet, Rabbi Boruch Hertz, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, and Rabbi Elchonon Tauber among others.

Kollel Tiferes Menachem is an excellent yeshiva located in Los Angeles, on the campus of Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad. Highly-affordable pricing helps make this unique program available to more students who are looking for a solid rabbinical education.

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