“La Grande Parade” – Will It Be Different This Year? 

Hakhel means no one is missing! Plans are changing as groups from all over the world head to Crown Heights in honor of Lag B’Omer.

Do you know how to say “The Great Parade” in French? How about in Spanish?

Fasten your seatbelts, kids! Because this year’s “Gran Desfile” is getting larger by the minute. 

A real Hakhel gathering includes Jews from all four corners of the earth. Believe it or not, the Great Lag B’Omer Parade this Tuesday is attracting groups spanning the entire country, including kids from all over Brooklyn, the Tri-State area, Miami, and even Toronto. 

But the high volume of attendees doesn’t stop in the U.S. alone! In London, a few groups are already boarding their flights to NY, another group from Buenos Aires, Argentina is almost ready to leave, and a whopping three groups from France are busy packing their bags. 

That’s right – Hakhel means no one is missing, and this year’s parade isn’t leaving anybody out with its record numbers attending! 

Local schools, who were unable to participate in the past since the Parade occurred on a non-school day, will be joining this year as well, including the Yeshiva of Flatbush, Mazal Day School, and the Jewish Institute of Queens – to name a few.

In fact, due to the large influx of participants signing up, the layout is being changed to properly prepare for this iconic event.

Originally, the plan was to arrange the stage just as it looked at the last occurrence of the Hakhel Parade in תשמ״ח. With so many more people attending, that space will be used for seating instead, and the stage will be strategically placed in the plaza at 788 Kingston Ave.

Join us as we gather with thousands of children from all over the world at this exciting Hakhel event. 

Reserve your seat today for the legendary Great Parade by signing up at TheGreatParade.com

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