Kugel, Cholent, and a Taste of Moshiach in Crown Heights

Men of the Crown Heights community are invited to a new Thursday night shiur, where food for the soul will be served alongside warm food for the body, both in preparation for Shabbos.

A traveler once stopped at a friend’s home for Shabbos. He joined his generous host at a lavish banquet table for the Shabbos meals, but only partook of his own food that he had brought with him. Throughout the meals, his host couldn’t help but notice the delicious aromas wafting from his guest’s simple provisions. The enticing scents were far more delectable than the smell of his own freshly prepared feast.

Unable to contain his curiosity, the man asked his wayfaring friend to share the secret of his food’s exquisite aromas. The man responded simply, “As my wife prepares the food for Shabbos, she recites the words ‘Lichvod Shabbos Kodesh.’ These holy words infuse the food with the sweet scent and flavor of Shabbos. Your food, on the other hand, is made by servants who lack this ethereal touch.”

The Arizal teaches that whenever one is preparing anything for Shabbos, throughout the entire week, they should declare that this is “In honor of the Holy Shabbos,” and it will have a profound impact on the food. The Ben Ish Chai explains that these words can have such a profound impact because they emanate from deep within a person’s heart.

Shabbos is described as “Me’ein Olam Habah,” a taste of the world to come. The special scent that is transmitted through the holy words “Lichvod Shabbos Kodesh,” is a tendril of the sublime scent of Gan Eden.

The Rebbe has repeatedly declared that “Higia Zman Geulaschem,” the time of our Redemption has arrived. It is right here, right in front of us, we just need to open our eyes, to reach out, to grasp it, to bring it close to us, to embrace it, TO TASTE IT.

In as much as saying the words “Lichvod Shabbos Kodesh,” draws down the spiritual flavor of Shabbos into our physical nourishment, learning the Rebbe’s Torah on Moshiach, saying the holy words, feeling their impact in our hearts, and living their meaning and instructions, will infuse our lives with the otherworldly scents, flavors and feelings of Moshiach.

Iy”H beginning at 8:30 this Thursday night, the men in the community are invited to Beis Eliezer Yitzchok to partake in a new initiative, a feast, if you will, of the body, mind and soul, offering something for everyone. Kugel and cholent will be served alongside a word-class shiur given by Rabbi Mendel Krasnianski. His eloquent and vivid conveyance of the Rebbe’s Holy Torah captivates and inspires.

Following the Shiur, the esteemed Rov of Bais Eliezer Yitzchok and host of the event, Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld, known for his Geshmak, warm passion and energy, will lead a Q&A session and discussion dedicated to your questions about Moshiach and how we can bring it into our lives today.

Chavrusa learning will follow.

Rabbi Krasnianski will be on site to tailor a learning program for you from the prepared materials on various intriguing topics on Moshiach.

Come with a Chavruasa, or let us help you find one there.

Let us rise above the daily grind, and give our lives a MOSHIACH infusion!

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