Kriah Publication Gives Parents Tools to Retain Proficiency

A publication by Hamesorah once again gives parents the tools to review with their child over the summer so they don’t forget the skills they acquired over the year.

After the success and the enthusiastic feedback from last year’s Summer Kriah Homework booklet Hamesorah is pleased to announce that the 5784 summer edition is now available.

The curriculum provides parents with a clear path to learn Kriah with their children each day of the summer vacation, so that all children could enter Kita-Alef ready to learn Chumash.

The booklet is structured and simplified with a clear font and format for a seamless learning experience, every page is dated as to what the child should read on that day.

Having in mind children struggling in specific areas – such as confusing Beis/Veis or forgetting to sound the Yud at the end of a word – the booklet contains special pages in the back for focused practice.

Schools, teachers and parents can download the booklet free of charge at

Print on 8.5×11 pages, double sided, stabled on the long right end.

For questions contact [email protected]

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  1. A big thank you to Hamesorah for the beautiful publication, my children benefited greatly from it.

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