Kosher Dairy Production Ramped up in Russia Ahead of Shavuos

Russian dairy plants have been increasing their production of kosher, cholov yisroel products, and a newly expanded kosher dairy farm was dedicated near Moscow, all in time for Shavuos, the holiday of milk.

Russia’s Kosher Department is constantly expanding, and with Shavuos quickly approaching a large assortment of dairy products has been added to the refrigerated section at Moscow’s kosher supermarkets.

The expansion came just at the right time, as Jews across Russia prepare to celebrate Shavuos with the traditional dairy meal. Russian dairy plants are increasing their production of strictly kosher products to satisfy the growing need, with recent years seeing a significant rise in the number of kosher consumers. 

Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, who stands at the helm of its Kosher Department, visited the dairy plants of “Family Farms” in the city of Taldom, just north of Moscow, where he was honored with affixing a mezuza to their newly expanded office wing. “Family Farms” produces organic quality Chalav Yisroel products all year round. 

Together with Rabbi of the Kashrut System Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Marzel, the system’s chairman Rabbi Yosef Verzov, and the management of the plant, Rabbi Lazar toured the place and saw all the stages of the process, beginning from the milking parlors and until the refrigeration and storage of the ready products before they are shipped out to various points in Russia. He followed the team of permanent mashgichim who faithfully do their work, ensuring that the large Kashrus system under Russia’s Chief Rabbinate has earned a stellar reputation among Kashrus agencies throughout the world. 

Special effort was made this year, in order to ensure that Cholov Yisroel products arrive to Jewish communities all over Russia, with special dairy treats for thousands of children who will come with their parents to hear the Aseres Hadibros at shuls and Chabad Houses by their local Rabbis and shluchim. 

Photography: Levi Nazarov


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