Kollel Members Receive Generous Pesach Gift

Members of three Chabad Kollels in New York will be receiving a Pesach bonus to help them with expenses, donated by philanthropist R’ Sholom Ber Drizin.

By Anash.org reporter

Members of three Chabad Kollels in New York will be receiving a bonus to help them with Pesach expenses.

The gift was donated by Crown Heights philanthropist R’ Sholom Ber Drizin, who has generously donated the annual Kollel Pesach bonus for over a decade.

Kollels receiving the bonus will be Kollel Menachem of Crown Heights, under the leadership of Harav Yosef Heller, Upper East Side Kollel of Manhattan, and the Midtown Manhattan Chabad Kollel.

Many Kollel members, who receive only a modest monthly stipend, can just cover their monthly expenses on a regular month. For those young couples, the Pesach gift is a lifeline, helping them cover the many expenses that come with the Yom Tov.

Distributing the checks to the Kollels will be Rabbi Noach Fox, gabbai of the Kollel shul, and Crown Heights activist R’ Eli Slavin.

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  1. Wonderful work. Thanks to Reb S Drizin so many people yearly enjoy Yom Tuv

    May Hashem Bless him with Long life and good health.



    Is the Sar Hachesed. His family helps so many mosdos and individuals its truly epic.


    A Kolel Yungerman

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