Kollel Hosts Shiur on Halachos Pertaining to Antisemitism

On Monday, Rabbi Boruch Oberlander, Shliach and Av Beis Din of Budapest, Hungary, gave a Shiur at Kollel Anash in Crown Heights. The Shiur covered the unique Halachos pertaining to antisemitism.

Rabbi Boruch Oberlander, shliach and Av Beis Din of Budapest, Hungary gave a Shiur at Kollel Anash located at 770 Montgomery in Crown Heights, headed by Rosh Kollel Rabbi Michoel Lerner.

The unfortunate rise of antisemitism in recent times leads to many unique Shaalos in Halacha. Is one allowed to hide one’s Jewish identity? Can one claim one is non-Jewish to save himself from being attacked? What did our forebears do during the Holocaust?

The Shiur is in Yiddish and runs for an hour.

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