Kollel Anash Hosts Senior Kfar Chabad Rosh Yeshiva

Last week, Kollel Anash of Crown Heights hosted a unique shiur by Harav Eli Landa of Bnei Brak on the Alter Rebbe’s opinion of ‘Mitzvos Tzrichos Kavana’, as well as divrei chizuk for the Kollel members.

Last week, Kollel Anash of Crown Heights hosted a unique shiur by Harav Eli Landa of Bnei Brak. Harav Landa serves as Rosh Yeshiva of the central Yeshiva in Kfar Chabad. He is the son of the famous chossid of the Rebbe Rashab, Rav Yaakov Landa who was the former Rov of the city Bnei Brak.

The shiur was on the topic of ‘Mitzvos Tzrichos Kavana’. Harav Landa explained the Alter Rebbe’s opinion as to what qualifies Halachically as having ‘kavana’ when doing a Mitzva. Afterward, he delivered words of chizuk for the Kollel members.

A special thank you to R’ Sholom Ber Rabkin, a noted benefactor and community activist, for coordinating the shiur.


For the past ten years, Kollel Anash has been dedicated to assisting young married men master the laws of Taharas Hamishpachah and Hilchos Shabbos. The halachos are studied in depth; from the sources in Gemara and Rishonim all the way down to halacha lemaaseh. The Kollel has recently added a unique three-year track for studying the halachos of Choshen Mishpat.

The kollel is located at Congregation Anash 770 Montgomery Street and is under the leadership of Rabbi Michoel Lerner. The Kollel was founded and is sponsored by Rabbi Dovid Fischer, Rov of Congregation Anash.

Photo credits: Yerachmiel Schneider

Watch Harav Landa’s shiur here:

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