Shoplifter With Knife Arrested in Crown Heights

A woman flagged down the Shomrim patrol car after a pedestrian walking the streets made her feel suspicious and uncomfortable.

On Monday morning, a Shomrim patrol car was cruising the streets when it was stopped by a woman who was worried about a man walking around looking suspicious and seemingly following women.

Shomrim took on the patrol watch and followed the individual for a while.

After some time, the man walked into Kol Tuv grocery store on Montgomery St. and Kingston Ave. and attempted to shoplift some groceries.

Shomrim apprehended the thief and got the police to arrest him. He was found to have a sharp knife in his possession. Thankfully, he was taken away before anything worse could happen.

Trust your gut. If you see something, say something. Keep our streets safe.

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  1. the knife might have gotten an extra hour at the pct. tell the truth99.9% of those they claim her are arrested are given a dat or nothing released same day to do it again & again this the mind boggling criminal coddling law here In NY they could do it probably
    do do it 50 times or more same result

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