Kinus Torah at YG Melbourne

The Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand – Yeshivah Gedolah Melbourne hosted a communal Kinus Torah on Sunday, addressed by many Rabbis and students of the Yeshiva.

The Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand (Yeshivah Gedolah – Melbourne) hosted a communal Kinus Torah on Sunday the twelfth of Sivan (May 23rd, 2021). The Kinus was convened in conjunction with Shavuos, as per the Rebbe’s directive that a Kinus be held immediately after, each Yom Tov.

The Kinus was coordinated and chaired by Shliach Zalmy Gurary, who began the event with a sicha explaining the true meaning of the days following Shavuos – the Yemei Tashlumin.

The Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Binyomin Gavriel Cohen delivered a Pilpul explaining the dinim regarding an individual lending out seforim, and the consequences of them becoming damaged.

Rabbi Mottel Krasnjanski of Ohr Chadash – Caulfield Shul discussed the proper time of lighting Shabbos and Yomtov candles, and the unique case of Shavuos night.

Yehuda Leib Kaye, student at Yeshivah Gedolah, explained the machlokes between Abaye and Rava currently being learned by the bochurim, and a lengthy discussion on the case of Yiush Shelo M’Daas.

Rabbi Shlome Kohn, Rov of Adass Yisroel, spoke about the proper way to approach Limud HaTorah, and the greatness of Chiddushei Torah.

Schneur Zalman Groner, student at Mesivta Melbourne, discussed the Rebbe’s novel way of learning the beginning of Perek HaSho’el and the four categories of a guardian, and the lesson in Avodas Hashem derived from it.

Rabbi Moishe Donnenbaum, Rov of Heichal HaTorah, discussed the laws of doing business with foods prohibited to eat, and its practical ramifications.

Rabbi Zvi Telsner, Rov of Anash, explained and defined the obligation of saying Hallel based on the count of the Mitzvos from the Rambam.

Lastly, Rabbi Yonosan Johnsohn, Rosh Kollel – Kollel Menachem Lubavitch, explained a machlokes regarding the sequence of an ox’s goring, and what constitutes the status of “mu’ad”.

Students Shluchim Mendel Dubrowski and Levi Paltiel, and bochurim Berel Cyrulnik, Yosef Lesches, Menachem Mendel Stern, Mendel Greenbaum, Yisroel Gutnick and Yossi Goldberg, transcribed each of the Pilpulim as they were being delivered, in order to publish them in the near future.

The event featured a large and diverse crowd, who thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of subjects addressed at this year’s Kinus.

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