Kinus Mivtzah Torah Gives Shluchim Tools for Maximum Impact

Hundreds of shluchim learned how Torah study could help them maximize their impact at JLI’s “Kinus Mivtzah Torah” in Crown Heights following Gimmel Tammuz.

On 4 Tammuz, hundreds of shluchim gathered in Crown Heights’ Ohalei Torah for a Kinus all about Mivtza Torah. Organized by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), the one-day conference brought to light the many ways that Limud HaTorah helps Chabad Houses worldwide maximize their impact. 

The sessions kicked off the conference Sunday morning at eleven. Veteran shluchim Rabbi Shalom Ber Cohen, Rabbi Levi Dubov, and Rabbi Yochanan Posner shared the tools they used to grow an audience through Torah learning in “How to Expand Your Audience.” In “How to Prepare a Captivating Class” Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, Rabbi Shmuel Super and Rabbi Yanki Tauber discussed the skills and science involved in preparing engaging students. 

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan and Rabbi Mendel Abelsky presented JLI’s groundbreaking new book, The Book of Jewish Knowledge, which arrived in the United States just in time for shluchim to enjoy early access.

In total, a dozen-plus sessions covered the strategies and perspectives essential for teaching Torah on shlichus; from best marketing practices and utilizing social media to handling difficult moments in class and engaging audiences. 

A gourmet luncheon featured addresses from JLI Chairman, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and Rabbi Berel Lazar alongside a powerful motivational message from investor, speaker, and teacher of Torah, Charlie Harary. “More than ever before, people today are looking for meaning,” he said.  As he put it, we are living in a unique time, and shluchim are holding the meaning that the entire world is searching for. “You have exactly what everyone is looking for,” he told the Shluchim.

Luncheon highlights included remarks from JLI Director, Rabbi Efraim Mintz, and marketing expert Mr. David Kaplan before the afternoon sessions began. A special presentation by Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon of Sichos in English named “The Rebbe’s Horaos on Translation and English Presentation of the Rebbe’s Torah” addressed the unique questions that arise when presenting Chassidus in English. Meanwhile, in “Bringing the Rebbe’s Torah to the World” Rabbi Shais Taub and Rabbi Manis Friedman focused on the fact that the shluchim are empowered to bring the Rebbe’s Torah to the world. 

There was even a session on “How to Handle Hecklers,” where Rabbi Manis Friedman, Rabbi Ari Sollish, Rabbi Shais Taub, and Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein shared their tips for managing difficult moments in class.

For those shluchim looking to polish their social media skills, Rabbi Mottel Lightstone and Rabbi Motti Seligson presented a special session on “Perfecting Your Messaging, Branding, and Social Media Presence.

Rabbi Dovid Vigler of Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, says the conversation with Rabbi Friedman and Rabbi Taub was a lightbulb moment for him. “They explained that while we each have our flaws, making the Rebbe’s Torah personal is the essence of creating a dirah b’tachtonim,” he said. “It gave me license to incorporate my own understanding into the Torah I teach, and I know it will make them more relatable and relevant going forward.” 

Full Schedule:

11:00 AM

How to Expand Your Audience
Rabbi Shalom Ber Cohen
Rabbi Levi Dubov
Rabbi Yochanan Posner
Moderated by Rabbi Zalman Abraham 

How to Prepare a Captivating Class
Rabbi Naftali Silberberg
Rabbi Shmuel Super
Rabbi Yanki Tauber
Moderated by Rabbi Levi Greenberg 

A Groundbreaking Development for Hafatzas Hamayanos
Presenting: The Book of Jewish Knowledge
Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan
Rabbi Mendel Abelsky 


Marketing Communication: Best and Worst Practices
Mr. David Kaplan

Expanding Your Shlichus Through Mivtzah Torah
Rabbi Ari Sollish
Rabbi Dovid Vigler
Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein
Moderated by Rabbi Menashe Wolf 

Effective Tools to Captivate Your Audience
Mr. Charlie Harary


Rabbi Yosef Gansburg
Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky
Mr. Charlie Harary
Mr. David Kaplan
Rabbi Berel Lazar



Bringing the Rebbe’s Torah to the World
A Conversation with Rabbi Manis Friedman & Rabbi Shais Taub
Moderated by Rabbi Ronnie Fine

Tried & True Mivtzah Torah Practices from the Field
Rabbi Yankie Denburg
Rabbi Dovid Flinkenstein 
Rabbi Zushi Rivkin
Moderated by Rabbi Benny Zippel 

Getting Traction: A Panel Discussion about Marketing
Rabbi Zalman Abraham
Rabbi Yudi Ceitlin
Mr. David Kaplan
Moderated by Rabbi Mendy Teldon

3:15 pm

Crossfire: How to Handle Hecklers: Managing Difficult Moments in Class
Rabbi Manis Friedman
Rabbi Ari Sollish
Rabbi Shais Taub
Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein
Moderated by Rabbi Chaim Hanoka

Perfecting Your Messaging, Branding, and Social Media Presence
Rabbi Mordechai Lightstone
Rabbi Motti Seligson
Moderated by Rabbi Shalom Lubin 

JLI Flagship: Unique Opportunities For 5783
Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman 
Rabbi Naftali Silberberg
Rabbi Yanki Tauber
Moderated by Rabbi Shmuly Karp

4:15 pm

Chassidus in English: The Rebbe’s Horaos on Translation and English Presentation of the Rebbe’s Torah
Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon

The Ideal Hakhel Event Judaism: The Soundtrack
Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman 
Rabbi Leibel Fine
Rabbi Sholom Raichik 
Moderated by Rabbi Isaac Abelsky

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