Kingston Mesivta Completes Fifth Year on a High

Finishing its fifth year, bochurim at the Lubavitch Mesivta of Kingston PA completed an outstanding year of learning, davening, and chassidishe growth – continuing strong until the very last day.

Over the last five years, the Lubavitch Mesivta of Kingston PA has become a place for young bochurim who are looking to take learning and avodas Hashem seriously.

Situated in the Anash community of Kingston PA, the Mesivta caters both to local and out-of-town students. With a high standard of learning and yiras Shomayim, the talmidim have made great strides, above and beyond the seder hayeshiva.

“We have BH created a unique environment where bochurim are motivated to mature and grow,” says Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Shimon Hellinger. “We guide the talmidim to become independent chassidishe bochurim, and not just students compelled to follow the rules. That leads to real growth that the bochurim can appreciate.”

This year, the yeshiva saw a new advancement with the addition of mashpia Rabbi Yehudah Leib Aronson. With his extensive knowledge and care for the bochurim, Rabbi Aronson directed bochurim to new heights.

“Talmidim entering Mesivta are looking to become chassidishe bochurim but lack the skills and knowledge to do so,” Rabbi Aronson explained. “With proper guidance, they begin to take avodas Hashem earnestly and set personal goals. Their davening is unrushed and thoughtful, and negative issues are automatically eliminated.”

Renowned Mashpia Rabbi Pinny Levitin also teaches and farbrengs regularly, having a strong impact on the bochurim. Bochurim also benefit from the influence of local chassidishe Anash, where they eat their Shabbos meals.

“A bochur who is looking to grow will gain a lot in our environment,” says Rabbi Hellinger. “One small illustration that exemplifies the bochurim’s intrinsic motivation is how seder and learning continued strong until the very last day of yeshiva, and that’s without any incentives or repercussions. Bochurim are simply here because they want to grow, and they give it their best.”

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